If you’re looking for industrial property management services in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. At CMS Real Estate Ltd. we offer management services for your industrial property to help alleviate the pressure and strain that’s often associated with operating a commercial or industrial facility.

As a full-service industrial real estate brokerage, we provide a multitude of services geared toward your property needs including but not limited to industrial property management.

Industrial Property Management

When choosing us as your industrial property management service provider, the first thing you should know is how we operate. Our primary objective is to care for your property, handling all of the daily activities and making sure that your objectives as an owner are met. This is invaluable for business owners and managers who need to free up their time to take care of the business itself.

CMS Real Estate Ltd. is a company based on resourceful problem-solving and high-quality management services. It’s simple; no two businesses are the same. Consequently, they each require varying levels of involvement from our end. With this being the case, we customize our services to meet the needs and demands of your property management requirements.

Main Proficiencies

Many actions and strategies can be applied to the services for property management. Here are a few that CMS Real Estate Ltd. implements with our clients:

  • Cultivating operating and monetary budgets for every facility.
  • Creating a restoration and upkeep program to sustain or enhance the current shape of all properties.
  • Set up insurance coverage that satisfies the landlord’s interests.
  • Assess funding and conserve payments to safeguard the integrity of the landlord.
  • Decide on a suitable workforce for site upkeep.
  • Conserve sub-trades to do any unique renovations and repairs at competitive prices.
  • Watch budgets, resident accounts, and yearly reconciliations of rates.
  • Get individualized reporting for the requirements and demands of your property.
  • Every facility has its own solitary trust account for finances gained and paid out connecting to the function of that facility.
  • Handling property tax and profitability for the landlords.
  • Cooperation with legal and accounting counsellors; making certain management is utilizing the most progressive guidelines and methods.



What are the advantages of hiring a property management service?


The wisdom, expertise and connections the property management company has will be inordinately more than a single owner because of the company’s bigger property portfolio. A competent property management company can save you time, money, and stress in the long term.


What are the primary considerations to take into account when hiring a management company?


Ask about their business operations. This includes but is not limited to their hours of operation, property portfolio, staff experience, testimonials, customer reviews, etc. Details such as these are important for determining whether you have a reputable company on your hands. Failure to meet these minimum quotas should be a red flag, as well as a clear indicator to keep looking.


Should a management contract be used?


In short, yes. You should ask and look over the management contract. It should explain all of the responsibilities of each party, in addition to the services, amount of inspections, as well as any relevant fees.

Final Thoughts

Managing an industrial property on your own can be stressful and overwhelming. CMS Real Estate Ltd. is here to help take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our industrial property management services.

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