Industrial and Commercial Mortgage Brokerage in Calgary

For over 35 years, the mortgage brokers at CMS Real Estate Ltd. have been here to help make the process of buying, selling, and investing in industrial, commercial, and residential real estate a smooth and successful process. Our trusted experts have an extensive understanding of our local real estate market, and the trends and economics that accompany the market. This knowledge and our commitment to quality and integrity, allows our team to provide our clients with consistently fair and trusted mortgage brokerage services. Our team of professionals can help walk you through things such as loan terms, loan amounts, loan ratios and interest rates.

CMS Real Estate Ltd. is an industrial and commercial mortgage brokerage in Calgary that offers brokerage services focused on every major class of property including: retail, industrial, office, multi-family residential, commercial condominium conversions and special use properties.

Why are our mortgage brokerage services beneficial?

  • We have the ability to utilize our extensive knowledge of Calgary’s mortgage market to compare and contrast mortgage rates and lender fees; our goal is to find the best financing for your unique needs.
  • We have trusted relationships and wide access to lenders, mortgage products and rates. This access helps ensure that, once again, you get the best deal possible
  • We are here to negotiate on your behalf; we don’t work for the banks; we work for you! Our goal is to always find the best rate to suit your financial needs.
  • We have exceptional customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do commercial mortgage brokers charge?

This will depend on a few variables; namely, the term and the type of mortgage. Typically, most mortgage brokers’ commissions will fluctuate between the range of about 0.5% to 3% of the total amount of the mortgage.

Do mortgage brokers do commercial loans?

Yes, mortgage brokers have many contacts that provide funding for commercial buildings. A commercial mortgage broker will be familiar with current rates and the guidelines for funding from many lenders. The broker would match the borrower’s information with the appropriate lender.

How do commercial mortgage brokers get paid?

Mortgage brokers collect commissions (also referred to as a finder’s fee) when mortgages are closed. Typically, the commission is a single transaction that your broker receives when your mortgage is funded. However, in other circumstances, the broker might also receive another small commission when your mortgage is renewed.

Who pays a commercial mortgage broker?

Commercial mortgage brokers may be paid either by the lender or by the borrower. Some lenders provide fees to the broker for bringing clients to them for loans. Typically, the borrower pays the fee out of the funds when the mortgage is advanced. All fees paid are disclosed in the mortgage documents.

What information and documentation are required to start a Request for Proposal?

A proposal request requires as many details as possible. To provide an accurate fee and work scope for our services, the following will be needed:

  • Building type and size
  • Ownership structure
  • Age of building
  • Title
  • Bylaws if it is a condominium
  • Condominium plans
  • Site plan

What does it mean to default on a commercial real estate loan?

Defaulting on your commercial real estate loan entails an inability to make payments.

Why should you hire a commercial real estate mortgage broker?

Hiring a commercial real estate mortgage broker brings many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Experience: Working with a commercial mortgage broker enables you to tap into their real estate knowledge and expertise. As a result, you can get the best rate and assistance by navigating the terms. Moreover, they have an extensive understanding of fund options to help you land your commercial estate. A broker would also know current market rates and lenders’ guidelines.
  • Options: A broker helps you get the right commercial mortgage for your business. With a bank, you have a limited selection of mortgage products. But since your mortgage broker works with many lenders, more customizable options are available.
  • Relationships: Your commercial mortgage broker has relationships and connections with many lenders. They can shop around to find the best mortgage on your behalf.

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