Sales and commercial property leasing in Calgary

When it comes to sales and commercial property leasing, experience and market familiarity are vital.  At CMS Real Estate Ltd. we conduct research of the current market conditions and provide accurate information to clients. We pay strict attention to the details of the transaction, advocate on behalf of our client and successfully represent the position of our clients with the explicit understanding that the client’s interests always come first.

Each business is different; CMS Real Estate Ltd. recognizes this and we personalize our services in order to realize the client’s business objectives and goals. With our extensive experience, we are able to successfully provide tenants and landlords with creative solutions.

Property analysis is a great way for us at CMS Real Estate Ltd. to gain insight into the financial requirements and feasibility for both the landlords and tenants. We look at the condition of the property, the quality of the tenants that are currently occupying the property, the operating budgets, and maintenance programs.


For landlords, the current market conditions and tenant knowledge is critical. At CMS Real Estate Ltd. we qualify prospective tenants, identify the competition, and market the commercial space accordingly. Each step is carefully researched, strategized and executed.

To ensure the landlord is meeting his requirements, we like to discuss long term and short term goals for each property and determine the appropriate capital requirements for each property. By having a thorough understanding of the landlord’s position we are able to find the most appropriate tenant to occupy the premises.

Landlords have certain expectations relating directly to their investment. With the help from the experts at CMS Real Estate Ltd. the landlord can realize these expectations:

  • Obtain a desirable return on their investment
  • Ensure the investment is protected – this can be done through property management services, as well as having quality, long term tenants in place
  • Increase the property value, and
  • Pride in ownership


Whether a tenant is looking to expand, consolidate, renegotiate an existing lease, relocate or acquire a property lease, knowledge is power. Tenants rely on our market research and analysis of comparable properties to make decisions best suited for their business.

Generally, no two leases are ever the same. Lease forms can be substantially different and it is important to have fully reviewed and understand the lease document. Miscommunication or a misunderstanding can cause problems between tenants, landlords and property managers; the experts at CMS Real Estate Ltd. can help you fully understand your lease agreement and eliminate these issues, allowing for a great relationship with all parties involved.

Sales VS. Leasing

Not sure if you should buy or lease? Let CMS Real Estate Ltd. help you make a carefully calculated decision that best suits your needs

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At CMS Real Estate Ltd. we have experts when it comes to numbers, including mortgage brokers and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designations. We can show you your options side-by-side so you can make the best decision for your business. It may be a surprise, but sometimes it’s actually more economical for companies to purchase their building rather than lease it.