Commercial real estate is necessary when you’re a service provider for families, offering daycare services or extracurricular activities like dance or karate. Meeting government regulations is easier in a commercial space and provides a better experience for kids and parents. Physical spaces for kids and family services like daycare, dance, and karate schools provide safe, structured environments that facilitate learning, physical activity, social interaction, and community building.

Finding a suitable space for a family service provider has various benefits and requires the help of Commerical Real Estate Services from professionals.

Benefits of Commercial Space for Family Services

Kids and family services like daycare, dance studios, and karate schools greatly benefit from having physical spaces, as they provide essential environments for activities and learning experiences. Here are some ideas and benefits for these types of businesses.

Safe and Structured Environment

Physical locations provide a safe, controlled environment necessary for children’s activities. Parents are more comfortable knowing there is a dedicated and secure space for their children. They can also feel at ease knowing that the environment has met government regulations, and they can tour the space to ensure they know their child will be cared for there.

Specialized Facilities

Dance and karate classes require specific spaces – dance studios with mirrors and proper flooring, karate dojos with mats and safety equipment – essential for effective learning and practice. Daycares also have strict hygiene requirements to ensure child safety, and having a specialized facility can make those requirements easier to maintain.

Social Interaction for Children

Daycares, dance studios, and karate classes offer crucial opportunities for children to interact with peers, an essential aspect of social development that can’t be replicated online.

Hands-On Learning and Supervision

In-person instruction is particularly important for children to ensure they learn techniques correctly and safely, which is challenging to monitor and correct through virtual means.

Physical Activity and Health

These services promote physical health and activity, offering structured ways for children to stay active, which is increasingly important as they grow.

Routine and Stability for Children

Regularly attending a physical location helps establish a routine for children, providing them with stability and normalcy.

Enhanced Learning Experience

For daycare and educational programs, physical spaces allow for more diverse activities and learning experiences, including arts and crafts, group activities, and interactive play.

Parental Peace of Mind

Knowing that their children are in a designated, well-equipped place for specific activities can give parents peace of mind, especially when they are at work or attending to other responsibilities.

Showcases and Performances

Physical spaces allow for end-of-term showcases or performances in dance and karate, which are significant for children’s sense of achievement and for parents to see their progress.

Networking for Parents

These locations also serve as networking spots where parents can connect, share parenting tips, and form friendships.

East Point Business Park Real Estate Opportunities

Creating The Perfect Space

Businesses can customize their facilities to create vibrant, welcoming spaces for children and families. The business park is situated within a community characterized by a growing population and a substantial workforce, with the average commute for most employees being less than 30 minutes.

Demand for Childcare Services

With many surrounding residential communities and numerous businesses in the area, childcare is a necessary amenity that is in demand. This offers unparalleled advantages for family services looking to establish or expand their operations because many parents need childcare close to work and extracurricular activities close to home.
East Point Business Park is an exceptional choice for businesses offering daycare, dance, karate, and other kid-friendly services aiming to impact Calgary’s families’ lives positively.

Ideal Location

East Point Business Park in Calgary’s South East Industrial sector is a prime location for businesses focused on family services, such as daycares, dance studios, karate dojos, and other child-centric services. This expansive park is thoughtfully designed to support many family-oriented businesses and other diverse small businesses in Calgary.

The business park is close to several major highways, so it’s easy to get to. Additionally, the recent development of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, a short walk away on 17th Avenue SE, ensures seamless connectivity to Calgary’s Downtown core, broadening the catchment area for potential clients.



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