Our team at CMS Real Estate would like to wish you a festive holiday season and a happy new year! We appreciate your support and loyalty this past year and we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2022!

As a Calgary-operated business, one of our great joys is being able to serve Calgarian business owners and tenants such as yourself in finding the perfect property!


How CMS Real Estate Can Serve You

If you need assistance, or just have questions you’d like answered when it comes to real estate this holiday season, CMS is here for you.

CMS Real Estate Ltd. is a real estate brokerage company that specializes in commercial and industrial properties. We provide professional advice and counsel to renters, landlords, as well as investors in regards to their real estate questions and concerns.

We blend our regional market knowledge and refined familiarity of the market, to provide our clients with detailed data used to help them in uncovering customized solutions that align with their needs.

Additional services include:

  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Property management of both industrial and commercial premises
  • Investment properties
  • Mortgage brokerage services (commercial and industrial real estate)

We are forever appreciative of our clients. Furthermore, it is both an honour and privilege to serve as we recognize the value of each business. And consequently, we want to see them succeed at the highest level. For this reason, connecting with our clients and learning about their businesses is an invaluable philosophy that we here at CMS Real Estate take pride in adhering to.

In fact, it’s this school of thought that has allowed us to retain some of our clients for more than 3 decades!


With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s important to remember everything that you’re grateful for. Additionally, this is the time of year to reflect on certain aspects of your life that you’d like to change and improve.

And if one of those things happens to be an upgraded office space, take a moment to check out and browse through some of our listings to see if there’s anything you feel would fit the ambiance of your business.

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