Calgary is a city with a surging entrepreneurial spirit. Many people start a business to have their dreams of being their own bosses realized. As people in the trades, like plumbers and electricians, experience growth in their businesses, the need for Industrial Real Estate Services comes into play.

In the heart of Calgary’s South East Industrial sector, the up-and-coming East Point Business Park offers a unique opportunity for growing businesses, especially those seeking to expand their operations. Situated on 41.41 acres, with designated areas for industrial general and industrial commercial uses, East Point offers visibility and accessibility to potential buyers in an amenity-rich community.

Industrial Space Needs for Expanding Plumber and Electrician Businesses

As the demand for specialized services rises, plumbing and electrician businesses must adapt. Transitioning from small-scale or home-based operations to a more professional setting becomes apparent, especially when businesses become busy and need help. A dedicated commercial space enhances operational efficiency and significantly boosts client perception and service delivery.

Commercial space can help create growth for small businesses in Calgary, providing a space for scalability, meeting professional goals, and enhanced customer service. It facilitates the establishment of a physical presence in strategic locations, like East Point Business Park, where businesses can benefit from high traffic from other businesses and accessibility.

A physical presence not only legitimizes a business in the eyes of potential clients but also provides the necessary infrastructure to support expanding operations, staff increases, and inventory storage. Especially for plumbers and electricians, where a bigger team means a fleet of vehicles, running a business out of your home can be impossible. East Point offers the ability to have office and warehouse space, which is ideal for businesses that have administrative needs and space for products and repairs.

Commercial spaces in such business parks are designed to meet the needs of growing businesses, offering flexibility in terms of space usage and the ability to customize areas for specific operational needs. As businesses grow, having a commercial space can significantly contribute to establishing a brand identity and fostering long-term customer relationships, laying a solid foundation for sustained success.

Why East Point Business Park?

Location and Accessibility

Fronting directly onto 52nd Street SE and exposed to 28,000 cars per day, East Point boasts unparalleled street front visibility. Its proximity to International Avenue places it within walking distance of numerous amenities, while the nearby Peigan Trail, Stoney Trail, Deerfoot Trail, and Glenmore Trail ensure connectivity to the rest of the city. The newly constructed Bus Rapid Transit further enhances access to the Downtown core, making it an ideal location for businesses aiming for growth.

Vehicle and Fleet Space Needs

The fleet or vehicle space is critical for plumbing and electrician businesses. East Point’s plans to meet commercial needs accommodate this need effortlessly, offering plenty of space for vehicles, equipment storage, and even potential rail access via an onsite CN Rail spur. These features make it an attractive option for businesses requiring extensive logistical and operational capabilities.

Versatile Commercial Opportunities

With available parcels in both Industrial Commercial and Industrial General zones, East Point caters to various business needs. The lots range from 1.30 to 9.83 acres, promising a potential buildout of up to 299,000 square feet in the Industrial Commercial zone and 265,000 square feet in the Industrial General zone. This flexibility allows businesses to customize their space according to their specific requirements.

Surrounded by a Growing Workforce

The business park benefits from a large and expanding workforce in the immediate area, with multiple bus routes and the BRT providing easy commute options. Most employees’ average commute to the property is less than 30 minutes, ensuring a smooth commute for those who work there.


Choosing an Industrial Property

When selecting a commercial space, considerations go beyond just the physical location. Size, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to zoning and regulations are critical factors. East Point Business Park’s diverse range of lots and strategic positioning address these considerations head-on, presenting an attractive proposition for growing businesses. Discover all of the small business opportunities in Calgary at East Point.

Finding Your Space in East Point with CMS Real Estate

Tap into our experience in commercial property sales to find the ideal location for your growing business. The perfect commercial space for plumbing and electrician businesses poised for growth could be at Calgary’s East Point Business Park. With its strategic location, ample vehicle and operational space, and plenty of other benefits, East Point is not just a new commercial space but an opportunity for business expansion and success.

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