Commercial real estate deals are tricky with rapid market changes, new laws, and differing policies. Attempting to find a commercial building on your own may result in you paying too much or being locked into a lease that can negatively impact your business. Hiring a Calgary commercial realtor benefits you and your business in the following ways.

You get your time back

As a business owner, you’re already wearing multiple hats and have enough on your plate. Having to compile and review commercial listings, call agents, and schedule tours means you’re spending less time on your business and family life where you are most valued and needed.

With a commercial real estate agent on your side, you’ll have a narrowed down list of properties based on your requirements and scheduled appointments without disruption to your work and daily life. By far, this is one of the biggest advantages of partnering with a good commercial real estate agent

You save money

An experienced agent is an expert negotiator and can save you thousands of dollars a year. They have a finger on the pulse of the real estate market and can compare prices on similar properties to strengthen the negotiation process. They can also bring to light some factors of a more expensive property that becomes less costly in the long run when compared to a commercial space that is less expensive originally.

Additionally, commercial real estate agents can recognize small details in a lease that may otherwise be overlooked. For example, a tenant may sign a contract unaware that they can be made responsible for the repair and maintenance of electrical and HVAC issues. This can lead to unexpected costs that run a company thousands of dollars and downtime.

You have a fair contract

Most commercial real estate contracts typically favour the landlord. When you hire an agent to represent you on your behalf, your interests are protected and they can verify if the contract is a fair deal. Because of their knowledge of Calgary and commercial properties, market analysis, and experience dealing with landlords, commercial real estate agents can quickly recognize if a listing is priced fairly and whether the contract is a good move for your particular business goals.
You are less stressed

Understanding the legalities of commercial real estate and contract terms is overwhelming and a big learning curve for any business owner. Without the right resources and experience, the process can take a toll on your well-being. Licensed and professional commercial real estate agents are there to work with you and ensure a smooth process.

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