If you’re looking for a great industrial property for sale in Airdrie, we currently have an exciting opportunity available in the Kingsview area. Located at #104, 2926 Kingsview Blvd SE, this property boasts impressive features and amenities ideal for a:

  • Distribution warehouse
  • Storage warehouse
  • Manufacturing facility

Property Overview

This expansive industrial property in Airdrie features two floors of office space, a large warehouse, loading zone, and wash bay.

Size: 15,500 sq.ft.
Main Floor Office: 2,018 sq.ft.
Second Floor Office: 1,059 sq.ft.
Warehouse: 12,423 sq.ft.
Yard: 17,450 sq.ft.

Zoning: IB-1
Loading: 3 Drive-In Doors (14’ x 14’)
Power: 400 Amp
Ceiling: 21’ clear
Features: Wash bay area, charging area, sump

Location: Kings Heights – Airdrie
Asking Price: Market
Taxes: $33,899 (2022)
Asking Rate: Market
Op. Costs: $4.73/sq.ft.

Prime Location

Airdrie’s Kingsview location is a bustling and strategically located area, making it an attractive spot for businesses. Consider the proximity to major transportation routes, including QEII and Stoney Trail highways. This property boasts a unique combination of accessibility and convenience that can benefit many industrial businesses.

The proximity to the QEII Highway ensures that your business can easily tap into a vast regional customer base. Whether you’re serving the local residents of Airdrie or Calgary, or reaching out to clients in neighbouring towns and cities, this location provides the logistical advantage you need.

Moreover, the nearby Stoney Trail Highway is a convenient link to Calgary’s extensive business network, making it easier to connect with suppliers, partners, and customers across the city. The accessibility for customers and employees, and the overall appeal of the neighbourhood, is strategically designed to support businesses and offer a competitive advantage.

Convenient Amenities

When it comes to nearby amenities, this Kingsview property doesn’t disappoint. The property is located just four minutes from Kingsview Market where you can find grocery stores, gas stations, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and more than 60 brand-name stores. Additionally, the Kingsview area in Airdrie is home to many day homes and daycares, making it convenient for employees who have little ones to drop off and pick up before and after work.

Proximity to essential amenities can significantly enhance the overall appeal and functionality of the location, including streamlining operations and improving the quality of life for employees and customers alike.

Community and Business Environment

Beyond the property itself, consider the community and business environment surrounding it. Airdrie has a dynamic business ecosystem with a mix of established companies and emerging startups, and its close proximity to Calgary further enriches collaboration and growth.

Networking opportunities, access to a skilled workforce, and a supportive community make this location even more appealing. Operating a business in Airdrie opens up the doors to the vast resources and expertise available in Calgary while enjoying the benefits of a small-town, community environment that Airdrie is known for.

Investment Potential

For investors, this property presents an exciting opportunity. Airdrie has been experiencing steady growth in recent years, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment. With the right strategy and vision, this property could provide an attractive return on investment.

Ready to explore your next business venture in Airdrie’s prime location? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Contact CMS Real Estate today to schedule a viewing and discover the endless possibilities this business location in Airdrie’s Kingsview can offer.

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