Whether you have an existing commercial real estate business or you’re starting one, you know it’s important that your business makes money. After all, looking for commercial real estate for sale in Calgary is an investment and one that can bring fruitful rewards. Below are a few strategies that will help you grow your real estate business in today’s fast-paced environment.

Build a good team around you

No business is ever sustainable without the right people in your circle. Having a trustworthy and professional team you can rely on, from Calgary commercial realtors to lawyers, inspectors, appraisers, and administrators give you confidence in knowing that all of your bases are covered.

An important part of building a good team is also establishing reputable relationships with maintenance and repair companies, including plumbing, snow removal, electricians, and HVAC technicians. It will save you time from having to scan through listings in search of a person to make an emergency service. Many maintenance and repair companies also offer incentives and discounts to commercial real estate owners and property managers who do business with them consistently.

Commercial real estate for sale Calgary
Commercial real estate for sale Calgary

Manage your time wisely

Regardless of how good of an investment your commercial property is, how prime of a location it holds, or the buzz around your listings, it’s impossible to steadily grow your business with an endless list of to-dos. You may be able to get away with burning the midnight oil a few days out of the month, but your mental health will take a hit in the long run.

Hiring a commercial property management company will free up your time so you can focus on taking your business to the next level. A commercial property manager will have the right tools, software, and experience to manage all of the aspects of your commercial real estate business, including rent collection, negotiations, tenant communication, and more. Instead of being a one-person team playing catchup every day, you have a team behind you that can complete the tasks efficiently.

Invest in green features and technology

Today’s business owners are operating in an environment that values sustainability and innovation. These values are passed down to their customers who are also looking to do business with a socially responsible and forward-thinking company. Investing in simple green features, such as LED lighting and window treatments, can attract more business and help you build a good reputation.

Another thing to consider is having fibre optics installed in your business. Most, if not all, businesses rely on the Internet every day. Having this feature in your commercial building gives you a leg up over the competition. You’ll also attract serious tech companies, a thriving industry that is projected to continue growing in Calgary.

Use social media

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of advertising on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all great platforms that will help you stay visible and on your potential customers’ radar. Even if they’re not ready to approach you just yet, staying active on social media helps increase your presence. You’ll be top of mind when they are ready to move into a new space.

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