When you own a business, one of the biggest decisions you face is what type and size of commercial space you need to lease or buy. Sometimes you may require a simple office with room for a desk, chair, and a reception area. Perhaps you have several employees and need a large area with individual offices, a board room, kitchen, and media area.

How do you determine how much commercial space you need to buy or lease? When looking for an ideal spot to set up your business operations, the first place you should look is at a brokerage that offers commercial real estate services. Below are some key factors that may influence your decision on how much space is required for your business.

Type of business

Small independent companies generally need less space than a business with multiple employees. Think of the type of things you do regularly to determine how much space you need in your office setting.

Until recently, many employees have been performing their jobs remotely and you may want to continue to allow them to work from home. Having your employees work at home means you will not need a large office space for your business. Meetings can continue through video chats and you can keep a small one office space for the times you need to have in person conferences. On the other hand, if your business needs to meet clients regularly, you may need something larger.

Expanding your business

If your business is a start-up, you need to consider your growth potential. Sure, the small office space you leased from the commercial property management companies in Calgary in the past have been sufficient.

But what happens when your business suddenly grows exponentially, and you need more space fast? If you are in a long-term lease, it may be difficult to get out of it. Looking a little bit into the future and renting a larger space than you currently need will allow for your business to grow without moving locations or having to pay rent in two places.

Interior or exterior space

Think about both the inside and outside space at your leased premises. A commercial space with multiple offices is perfect for your business transactions, but what about the exterior? You need to consider the amount of parking available for both your staff and your clients. Exterior space is important especially if you are located in an area where there are high parking fees.

The best way to figure out how much commercial space you need is to contact a real estate agent who works with commercial property management companies in Calgary. Realtors® who provide commercial real estate services are educated and have experience to help you find the perfect location.

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