Calgary is a bustling metropolis, offering a little bit of everything. But one of its most prominent attributes is its abundance of land. Regarding commercial property for sale, Calgary is rich and plentiful. This fact is exemplified in Calgary’s unique inner-city industrial and commercial real estate development location—Eastpoint. This site is a finely situated commercial plot in Calgary’s in-demand South East industrial sector. Keep reading to learn more.

Eastpoint Business Park Overview

Perched on 41.41 acres in South East Calgary, Eastpoint Business Park is a gem in the city’s Industrial sector. It comprises designations which include Industrial Commercial (18.91 acres) and Industrial General (17.34 acres). Exposed to over 28,000 cars daily, Eastpoint is close to many major highways that keep Calgary connected. These include:

  • Peigan trial
  • Deerfoot trail
  • Stoney trail
  • 17th Ave SE
  • 52nd St SE
  • CN rail line

Moreover, Eastpoint is set up to benefit from many local conveniences nearby. All of this, and more, make Eastpoint a prime location for business operations.

Location and Connectedness

Eastpoint Business Park delivers easy accessibility to major roadways. This kind of connectivity provides a noteworthy edge regarding location. It offers smooth entry to light industrial enterprises and organizations working in logistics and distribution. Moreover, a newly erected bus rapid transit system provides easy access to downtown. This line is complimented by a MAX Purple BRT line, which offers additional connectivity to the encompassing region.

Nearby Conveniences

Eastpoint is conveniently located close to numerous amenities. Both staff and patrons can enjoy the nearby accommodations, as Eastpoint is situated in a prime and central location. These conveniences vary and include many:

  1. Retail shops
  2. Restaurants
  3. Professional services and more

Eastpoint: The South East Industrial District’s Business Park

This plot of land is a commercial real estate gem. Abundantly accommodating, conveniently located, and easily accessible, Eastpoint is perfect. At CMS Real Estate Ltd., we have over 30 years of experience serving Calgarians with their real estate needs. If you’d like to learn more about this stunning location, contact us today for more information.

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