According to Costar’s 2021 Year-End review for office spaces, “Overall vacancy rates are expected to decline, while rental rate growth, after a three-year run of declines, is expected to reverse course and begin to start registering growth. […] Moving forward, the City of Calgary has identified a 10-year, $1 billion plan for the downtown core, which includes incentives for landlords to convert empty office buildings to residential or other commercial space, among a number of infrastructure improvements that include pedestrian and cycle paths, green-space, and cultural expansion.”

With the current economic landscape, landlords need the help of commercial property managers who have a finger on the pulse of current trends in Calgary’s commercial property sector.

How we can help you

At CMS Real Estate, we’re all about customizing our services, and tailoring them to the unique needs of your business in order to help you reach your goals. As such, there are many ways to accomplish this outcome.

We have a myriad of core competencies that we pride ourselves in: we help develop budgets for every property; create restoration and upkeep programs to ensure building maintenance; put in place security coverage that is advantageous to the interests of our clients; go over monetary reports and preserve deposits to safeguard the integrity of the holder, etc.

It’s our job to work closely with our clients, listen to their needs, and produce a cohesive environment where the intended outcome is an inevitability.

Here are a few more ways in which we serve our clients:

  • Establish the proper crew for site upkeep
  • Watch budget spreadsheets, occupant statements, and yearly appeasement prices
  • Tailored reporting to each separate holder
  • Handling the property taxes and working capital for the holders
  • Accumulating connections that work to accomplish the best return on reserve funds

Our team is committed to the best possible service in regards to property management. This is exemplified by the close working relationships we develop with our clients, in addition to the careful recognition we give to each business and its distinct needs.

Other services include:

Sales & Leasing

Familiarity of the market is paramount in regards to commercial property leasing as well as sales. And that’s why CMS Real Estate conducts extensive research on the present order of the market. This is what allows us to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to inform and educate our clients.

Furthermore, we discipline our focus to hone in on the specific characteristics of the business deal, become a proponent of our clients, and effectively stand up for them on their behalf, all with the clear and direct discernment of our client’s needs; ensuring that they are both met and exceeded.

Mortgage Brokerage

With the extensive knowledge of the mortgage market in Calgary, our expert team has the skill and competency to differentiate the most favourable prices for both lender fees and mortgage rates. The main objective of our mortgage brokerage is to obtain prime mortgage products at premier mortgage rates. And with our steadfast connections as well as the broad availability of the bankers, moneylenders, etc, that we have access to, this is something that is attainable.

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